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Fast Ethernet Converter
LKV3078 This is a Fast Ethernet standard compliant converter, including a FIBER OUT unit and a FIBER IN unit. This converter allows users to convert the Fast Ethernet transmission media from UTP to fiber or fiber to UTP. Each unit comes with one 100Base-TX twisted pair port (RJ45) and a 100Base-FX fiber port(SC). The transmission distance is up to 500 meters (Multi-Mode Fiber) or 20 kilometers (Single-Mode Fiber), which depending on the Fast Ethernet devices connected to.

1. Compliant to IEEE 802.3x ,100Base-TX,100Base-FX

2. Provides 100Mbps UTP and fiber media link
3. Fiber connectivity of up to 500m,Multi-mode,or 20Km, Single-mode.
4. Transparent translation between different media segment
5. Convenient up-link to switches/hubs through UTP up-link port
6. Auto-Negotiation, half/full-duplex
7. Plug and play; Compact and smart design
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