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4KX2K HDbitT HDMI over IP Fiber Extender
LKV378S-4K This HDMI extender over fiber optics , includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, applies the advanced HDbitT over IP technology , can extend HDMI signal up to 20Km between the source device and display device over fiber optic cables. This product is perfect for long distance transmisson field.

*  Plug and play.

*  Support SMF and MMF cables. 

*  NO need to install any driver

*  Support resolution is up to 4Kx2K@30Hz.

*  Support Bi-directional RS232 pass back. 

*  Wall-mountable design, easy for installation.

*  Transmission distance up to 20Km over SMF cable

     (500m over MMF cable).

*  Avoid the electromagnetic interference in environment for long 

     distance transmission.

*  Low signal loss, wide frequency band and strong anti-interference.

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